Fully featured notification management tool


Product Description

Fully featured notification management tool

Quickly manage notifications.
– With message head, shake control and popup glance, you can do open the messages, show message previews, clear the notification or clear all notifications.

Keep status bar clean.
– Notihead will clear all notifications from unselected apps when they arrive. Keep status bar clean from unwanted notifications.

Don’t miss important messages.
– Notihead will alert for new messages in various ways, for example turning on the screen, camera flash, sound and vibration.

– Message Head : Perform selected actions by touch or long press. Touch action will open the message or show message preview. Long-press action will clear all notifications or clear a single notification.
– Shake Control : Perform selected actions by shaking the device. The shake gestures will also open the message, show message preview, clear all notifications, or clear a single notification.
– Popup Glance : Show message previews for a short time. You can choose Popup style (card style, speech bubble) and position (top, center, bottom).
– Alerts : Turn on screen, camera LED flash, sound and vibrate for new notifications. Repeat and Do no disturb mode.
– Flash Call : Camera LED flash for incoming calls.
– Select Apps : Only selected apps show their notifications through Notihead.
– Clean Status Bar : Clear notifications from unselected apps. Keep your status bar clean from unwanted notifications.
– Memory Clean-up : Clean up itself when Notihead’s left idle and the screen is off.
– Power Saving Mode : Turn off all services when the battery reaches the setting level.

Notihead will help you enjoy the messages from your lovely apps.


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